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'[OT]: Safety'
2004\06\17@073701 by Robert B.

I also would like to quote the ICVS (international crime victimization
survey), often used as the yardstick for comparisons since definitions of
"violent crime" vary so widely.


Overall victimisation
The ICVS allows an overall measure of victimisation which is the percentage
of people victimised once or more in the previous year by any of the eleven
crimes covered by the survey. This prevalence measure is a simple but robust
indicator of overall proneness to crime. The countries fall into three
Above 24% (victim of any crime in 1999): Australia, England and Wales, the
Netherlands and Sweden
20%-24%: Canada, Scotland, Denmark, Poland, Belgium, France, and USA
Under 20%: Finland, Catalonia (Spain), Switzerland, Portugal, Japan and
Northern Ireland.

It makes for interesting reading, as well.  I should mention that some of
the studies I've read do indeed report the US violent crime rate as 4x
higher than Australia's, but it is inconclusive as to whether this is due to
definitions of violent crime or not.

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> LOL now thats rich
> America has the highest rate of gun crime in the world.
> and the highest rate of gun deaths
> lol 40 000 americans die due to guns each year
> 20000 of those are homicides.
> I spose that i understand why you dont seem to care about speeding now,
> america is such a violent place to live in the first place it seems.
> well good luck, heres hoping you have a natural death in a long long time.
> > {Original Message removed}

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