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'[OT]: Riding the Shuttle'
2001\08\23@042226 by Russell McMahon

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What it feels like to ride the space Shuttle -

>  Also don't forget how bumpy the ride generally is, take the Shuttle for
> example: to quote Kathryn C. Thornton, US astronaut, a veteran of 4
> flights "Imagine lying on your back in a truck driving along the railroad
> tracks with a bowling ball on your chest. Liftoff in the space shuttle
> feels like that".

Sounds rather nicer than earlier systems where g forces were much more

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2001\08\23@130209 by Douglas Butler

Going to the opposite extreeme...
Imetrix's chief mathematician and trigonometry guru, Dana Yoerger, also
works on navigation for the Alvin submarine.  He sent this enlightening
message from somewhere in the middle of the equatorial Pacific.

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Nobody really knows how deep our pit of useless trivia really is....

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