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'[OT]: Re:Re: Spooky stuff'
2000\08\16@135939 by Andy Howard

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> From: "Andrew Kunz" <spam_OUTakunzTakeThisOuTspamTDIPOWER.COM>

> Anyway, they were doing samples off the coast there when suddenly the
cable went
> slack, then taut, then jerked a couple times and went about its business
but at
> a much slower rate.  (It almost whacked one guy when it slacked - not a
> place to stand!).
> When they pulled it up, it was bent lengthwise big-time, and the corer
body was
> pretty scratched and mangled.  You can imagine what was said, but nobody
had any
> idea what had happened.
> A few days later they heard on the news that a Russian sub was limping
> after sustaining damage on a cruise.  It was coming from the same area
they were
> in.
> They can't be sure that THEY tried to sink the sub, but circumstantial
> looks good for it.

Looks like he's been at it again this week too...


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