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'[OT]: Re: WR: Sympathy for all victims'
2001\09\13@035331 by Russell McMahon

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The 3 lists I most frequent are FULL of psost on this topic so I'll risk
cross posting.
The hope is to add to the ongouin conversation and not offend. If I've said
anything really silly here feel free to cripy fry me OFFLIST. Onlist useful
comment is welcome.

Gig siad
///    Eduardo, thanks for reminding America, the defender of the entire
free world, of that fact. But I think you're a little bit off in your
thinking. The weapons used in the attacks yesterday were commercial

Eduardo said
   Fantastic, but not so real... Free world? When the palestinian people
was shooted out of their land, the world became not so free for them... Life
are a great nightmare for a people without land... A 50 years long
nightmare! They use commercial aircraft, because almost all rights of them
was stoled! Where was the "defender of the free world" when the palestinian
people was expulsed from their land?

Not wanting to get into an ideological argument - the US is indeed not ideal
in its actions worldwide and the Israeli / Palestinian situation (which is
presumably at the heart of these recent deeds) has many injustices on both
sides, both current and historical.

BUT it's worth noting that when the area at the Eastern end of the
Mediterranean was "'partitioned" after World War 2, as has happemed all over
the world within the last century or so, then the "Palestinian people" were
in fact allotted a country of their own. If the name of the country had been
different then perhaps this part of the transaction would be more readily
remembered. As it is the country's name is eponymous with the river that
forms its boundary in some places. They named it "Jordan"` (but many people
seem to forget this).

Dividing up land and reassigning borders has always led to grief and
injustices, both real and imagined. Some few other examples are Lithuania
and co, Yugoslavia (Albania/Kosovo/Serbia/Bosnia/Montenegro, Croatia ...) (I
never appreciated Tito while he was alive!)  , Czechoslovakia (possibly the
only "happy" example" of recent years and many more. (Maybe Alsace Lorraine
and the Sudaten Land are also happy examples but to some even that is

If you want a REAL example of oppression that makes the Israeli/Palestinian
situation look utterly tame. look at Sudan. Here two totally unmatched
countries were artifcially melded by the "world leaders" early this century
and since then the North has, quite literally, enslaved the South. (It
happens that the North are largely Arabs and the South largely Negroid but
that's not the main point here - it could have gone the other way). True
slavery is standard operating procedure. If you come from the South you have
no expectation of rights as most of us here know them. In some cases
soldiers from the North are not paid salaries - instead they are allowed to
sell people under their "care" to others to gain income. Famine is a weapon
of war. Sound like a fable? Sound like the 21st century (or even the 20th
?). And almost everyone is so unaware of the horrors and injustices of this
country that they are sure that such stories are rubbish. And what will YOU
do if you care enough to go and find that it's actually true ? :-(

As a committed Christian I see things in Israel differently than many others
may, BUT I still believe that many of the problems in Israel could be sorted
out far better than they are being now. It would be nice if the recent
attrocities could be turned to good and unity , rather than evil and
division as no doubt is intended by the perpetrators.

       Russell McMahon

Many questions and so few answers...

[]'s Eduardo

{Original Message removed}

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