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'[OT]: Re: H G Wells - The War of the Worlds'
2002\10\24@203619 by Nate Duehr

On Wed, 2002-10-23 at 16:54, Bourdon, Bruce wrote:

> To get this back on topic, I'm also looking for a way to make a PIC based
> heat ray weapon... :)
> Bruce.

Heh heh... well if microwave ovens transmit at about 2.4 GHz for the
resonant frequency (approximately) of H2O, just keep going up until you
find the resonant frequency of O2... (GRIN)...

(You'll need an unreasonable amount of power and the FCC approvals will
be atrocious!... but just to continue the joke... some acquaintances do
some super-high frequency Amateur Radio stuff, and they *did* run into
problems at the resonant frequency of O2... once they went above that,
they set the world distance record for Amateur Radio at 322 GHz at only
170 feet or so... well... anyway... too high for me to mess with... but
neat toys... too bad you can shout that far, on a non-windy day!)


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