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'[OT]: RF link chip'
2002\02\06@175503 by H. Carl Ott

With all the rf link discussion here lately I though I'd pass on a heads up
to a part mentioned in the latest EDN:
The cc1000 from Chipcon.
If the link does not work you may have to navigate around the site a bit.

I never head of the company, but it sure looks like a real nifty part, just
not too sure how to get samples from Norway.
 Although they do post tram directions to their facilities....  :-)


Henry Carl Ott   N2RVQ

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2002\02\07@211416 by David P. Harris

picon face
There are several of these type chips from them.  There is a UK company,,  that sells them < 5 pounds each.  I went to their main page
and then to contacts and got names of distributors, for example Haltronics here
in Canada.
David H
"H. Carl Ott" wrote:

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