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'[OT]: R/C Tank?'
2000\11\15@115215 by Dan Michaels

At 10:03 AM 11/15/2000 -0600, you wrote:
>Dan, if you're still looking for a tank base Target/Wall Mart usually has a
>'remote' tank toy for about $25 at Christmas.  This has levers for left and
>right forward/back and tank turret rotation.  Just a matter of a pic decoder
>and mosfet drivers for each motor.  see chuck mcmanis page for a pic based
>motor driver.
>John Clements

Thanks, John, I've been looking around toy stores [have to keep
saying the toys are not for "me"], and mining the web for useful
hack-info. Found several interesting sites:

- MIT 6.270:
- Karl Lunt Robot Projects:
- TurboZ programmable car:

- Lunt has a project for data collection straight to his webpage:

- for Jinx - take your pick:

- Also, Gameboy hacking:

- dan michaels

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