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PICList Thread
'[OT]: Program, verify,........'
2001\06\22@191021 by Jinx

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> Can you believe that answer from Microchip support? Did that totally
> miss the point or what?
> I have never tried to ask them a question, but I have to wonder if they
> are often this far off.
> Anybody want to start a "Microchip support people say the darndest
> things" page? Are there other good examples of clueless responses
> from support?

This is the last time I asked for help at Microchip. I complained to
the MC management about this reply, as it totally avoided answering
what I'd asked and was just simply a RTFM fluff response that I felt
was condescending and lazy. I did eventually get a considered
answer from a senior technician - it turned out to be a faulty (new) PIC

{Quote hidden}

The program flow is relatively complex.  Also, with no ORG statements,
it is hard to follow.  Remember that the reset vector is at 0, and the
interrupt vector is at 4.  ORG statements are needed for this.  If your
program is missing them from the beginning, it would proably explain
the opperation.

The device can be woken from sleep with an INT or WDT timeout.  If
interrupts are enabled, then the program counter will be set to 4, and the
last address with be pushed onto the hardware stack.  Remember that W and
STATUS are NOT SAVED when an interrupt occurs, and must be saved and
restored by the user program.  Consult the section on interrupts for more
details in your databook.

Bret Walters
Microchip Engineering Support

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2001\06\22@193248 by jim

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I see what you are saying about the fluff.  I have not had this type of
problem from Microchip.  Of course, I've not asked the same question you
have.  But still, I'm surprised at their (his) response.  He seems to dance
around the issue, but never does get to the point of answering it.

I have found the tech personnel at Mchip to be very helpful and to the
Of course, I usually talk to the FAE and not with Mchip directly.

And I can't answer the question either.  But it sure is an interesting one.
I have some F84's here.  If you want to send me your code, or at least a
flowchart of it, I'll try to duplicate what you're seeing aand confirm or
deny a software problem.   Actually, maybe a flowchart would be best.  That
way, I'll have to write the code to perform the operations and I'm sure I'd
write different code than you to accomplish the same thing.  If it happens
with my code, chances are its a hardware problem.  Otherwise, it would be a
sfotware problem most likely.

Does this sound reasonable to you?   Let me know.  Good luck



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2001\06\23@012212 by Jinx

face picon face
> I have some F84's here.  If you want to send me your code, or

No worries Jim. The problem was not code but a duff PIC. Two
actually from the same tube. I sent them back to MC as requested
via Avnet but never were they heard of again

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2001\06\25@151220 by David VanHorn

Jim, your PC clock is set some six years in the future, which somewhat
hoses those of us who sort messages by date.
Dave's Engineering Page:

I would have a link to here
in my signature line, but due to the inability of sysadmins at TELOCITY to
differentiate a signature line from the text of an email, I am forbidden to
have it.

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