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'[OT]: Potato Powered PIC?'
2002\02\27@202131 by Eoin Ross

HMMMMmmmmmmmmmmm - now my twisted mind gets to work ...

How about (for the bait dispenser) one hole where Mr (or Mrs or Ms or ... Getting sidetracked here) stick their head to get some bait. A clamp closes - not enough to strangle. Then we use their struggles to generate electricity to charge the battery ... or we drive two pins into the body and suck electricity out of the nervous system.

MAny thanks to the PICList for helping me in my experiments

Dr Frankenstein. PhD, MA, BSE.

PS - please don't talk to PETA or the RSPCA ;)
>>> spam_OUTcptagliolaTakeThisOuTspamCHELLO.NL 02/27/02 18:51 PM >>>
LOL. I wanted to suggest this to the guy with the bait dispenser unit in
the jungle from a few days ago. Didn't know how to put it in english
though :)


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'[OT]: Potato Powered PIC?'
2002\03\01@145251 by Bob Barr
On Fri, 1 Mar 2002 12:37:01 -0700, "WEBB,TIM (A-Sonoma,ex1)" wrote:

[Topic tag changed for my off-the-wall comment]

>I wonder if the potato or lemon would re-charge itself if it was kept alive
>ie Still planted in the ground or on the tree.

Careful there, Tim.
You're liable to catch a lot of grief from PETP (People for the
Ethical Treament of Plants) if you try something like this. :=)

Regards, Bob

>{Original Message removed}

2002\03\01@153640 by Eoin Ross

Yep - was developed from the Chinese gooseberry, also "Kiwi " is what NZers call ourselves.

>>> .....martinrpKILLspamspam@spam@VAX2.CONCORDIA.CA 03/01/02 02:17PM >>>
It's a kind of gooseberry isn't it? Gooseberrys (sometimes) have spines
where Kiwifruit have fur...They are sour too. Better for battery powered
watches though because they are smaller ;)

{Original Message removed}

2002\03\01@162649 by Jinx

face picon face
> point is that the Kiwi contains even more acid than a lemon
> so it would make a better battery imho. It can also be sliced
> very thin without trouble (you can't do that with lemons). I also
> happen to be fond of Kiwis... (not Kiwi pies, the fuit kind ;-)

(My neighbours/friends, Wayne and Dan, I think would object
to being sliced thinly)

An unripe piece of fruit would have more acid and keep longer

You could carve a nice battery out of green rhubarb

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2002\03\02@164934 by Attila Muhi

Take a look at this:

Attila Muhi - SM4RAN

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