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'[OT]: Possible bug in MPLab 5.11? Where to report'
2000\07\11@164005 by David Kott

This is an odd artifact.  With MPLab 5.11, my watch window has an extra
column of characters.

I don't know where to send a screen shot to Microchip, if they were
interested.  The apparent bug doesn't seem to cause any side effects, other
than making MPLab look unpolished.

I looked through the documentation for MPLab, and couldn't find a likely
channel to report apparent bugs.

Does anyone know of such a channel?

Here is part of my watch window.  Note the extra column of characters at the

Address Symbol                                  Value
6F      ButtonDepressed.s_byPreviousButtonState H'03'
6E      g_byButtonStatus                        H'03'
06      PORTB                                   H'40'


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