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'[OT]: Popup / malicious HTML & script blocking'
2003\06\24@155025 by Brendan Moran

Having noticed the number of people that mention things about popup adds,
and new features of Mozilla killing such things etc, I thought I'd mention
that there is an easier solution.

There may be a later version available, but I don't know where it is.

Just one note about using this program.  It requires an awful lot of
processing power for a short while every time you load a page.  I wouldn't
recommend using this on anything less than a P2-400. I haven't seen a Linux
variant, but that doesn't prove that someone hasn't duplicated the program
for Linux.

I'm honestly surprised at the number of programs out there that will close
windows for you etc.  I don't know why you would bother going to that much
trouble when there is a far simpler solution.  This simply removes or
alters the code which creates whatever you're trying to get rid of.  By
default, all adds are reduced to


in a fairly small font. and popups don't.  This will also freeze GIF
animations if you want.

The program operates as a local proxy server (on port 8080 by default, but
that is changeable).  Any web browser that you tell to use it will stop
getting the majority of the junk.  The one exception there is a webserver
that assembles adds into its page at the server.


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2003\06\26@010929 by Peter L. Peres

picon face
The proper Linux version of this is not necessary, because it's been
around for a long time. It's called a caching web proxy and everyone is
using one or several variants thereof, me too. Unwanted sites are simply
firewalled out in bulk or on a url-by-url basis (using regular
expressions). If that is not enough then I program the firewall to simply
block all adspamming addresses.


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