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'[OT]: Plane Crash'
2001\11\12@103957 by Josh Koffman

Hi all. Just so everyone knows, there has been another crash in New
York. This one was in a residential area I think. They believe it was an
accident. There have been a bunch of eye witness reports of smoke and
fire prior to the crash, and some say an engine fell off. No distress
calls, no reports of trouble. Was headed from JFK to the Dominican
Republic. American Airlines flight 587.

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2001\11\12@105620 by Kathy Quinlan

Here is the story on

Link to the relevant page (it is slow as the whole world loads it)

I hope it was another A300 Airbus design fault and not a terrorist attack.


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2001\11\12@144505 by Jim

The *best* eyewitness account (I heard) was from a woman
who was outside and witnessed the event - she desribed
it as an explosion from the 'armpit' of the aircraft
as she put it - not from the engine nor from the
fuselage alone, but rather from the 'armpit' (wing
to fuselage area).

She was queried several times by John Nance on the
particulars of what she witnessed. She stood up well
under the questioning of this knowledgeable
individual (John Nance).

This was on ABC early on with Charlie ? and Diane Sawyer
before Peter Jennings took over.


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