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'[OT]: down for Hard Drive damage'
2001\02\13@151705 by jamesnewton

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Well, thanks to the rolling blackouts in California, and something not
working with the UPS, the server had an unscheduled, unwarned, power fail
last night and apparently one Saturday as well that I didn't see.

Again, my little script on the Linux box at the Escondido address did not
notice that the main sever was not responding (I think it must be looking at
a cashed page from my ISP and not actually making contact with the NT server
it is supposed to be watching) and so it did not switch DNS to the backup
server at the same location.

So the NT server log shows a restart with no matching shut down. I'm trying
to figure out why the cable from the UPS to the server that is supposed to
tell NT to shut down when the power goes out and before the UPS gives up
didn't work.

I though that we were ok, but this morning I started getting "bad sector"
type errors and realized that I would have to CHKDSK the entire thing again.
After logging everyone out and running the tests, it would appear that some
permanent damage was done to the hard drive. For now, the bad sectors have
been marked and are not being used, but I'm concerned about the future of
that drive.

It's time to put two more drives in and setup RAID. I should also install a
tape backup unit so that if the system volume dies it won't take 3 days to
set up the OS again... The content all gets backed up nightly over the
network to a set of CDRW drives but that won't work for system files. Unless
you know something I don't.

Anyway, I'm formatting the content volume and then restoring from backup so
the server will be up again in a bit.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

James Newton (PICList Admin #3) 1-619-652-0593
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