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'[OT]: PIC student'
2001\02\09@041149 by Peter Crowcroft

  Olin Lathrop <<spam_OUTolin_piclistTakeThisOuTspamEMBEDINC.COM>

>Subject: [PIC]: PIC student

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>> Thank you very much sir Olin. God Bless.

>> Best regards.


>It's time to drop that patronising "sir" crap.

As a person who employs Filipina girls and boys straight out of the
Filipines (and has done for over 20 years) I can assure you that this is
the way Filipine society teaches them to address their elders.

They very soon learn to drop or reduce the 'sir' or 'madam' when they
interact with westerners when they go overseas. Of course, sometimes they
learn this without even leaving the Filipines. Isn't the Internet



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