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'[OT]: PCB making without Gerber file.'
2002\08\16@133510 by paul wood

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I want to fabricate a few PCBs, but most of the PCB
vendors need PCB information in Gerber format, I only
know how to generate a schematic diagram using the
"Capture" program of OrCAD, to generate PCB layout
further is beyond my knowledge. Is there any way to
solve my problem? or is there any vendor who will
accept a schematic instead the completed Gerber files?


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2002\08\16@142607 by Nelson Hochberg

Try: PCLogic

For $25 they have a program in which you can design a PCB and output Gerber
format.  For $100 you can get a schematic diagram design program that will
automatically design the PCB and output Gerber.


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2002\08\16@143218 by Wouter van Ooijen

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It would be a bit strange to let a boardhouse make the board design,
because they charge by the board area so a sloppy (larger) board would
benefit them!

Olimex accepts eagle an .brd file, but that still means that you have to
make a board (but they will make the gerber etc from it). But try iy: it
is not that difficult.

And you could of course ask the list for a quote to do the work, there
are plenty who would consider doing it (for a fee, of course).

Wouter van Ooijen

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2002\08\16@173622 by Giles Honeycutt

What you need is the second stage of making a board.  The layout.  The
company I work for (  can quote taking your schematic to
Gerber.  Or you can do it your self. WWW.IVEX.COM has a cheap program for
doing your own layout.  If you have OrCAD, that is a great program, but it
is realy for people who do it for a living.  The information that we (or
anyone) would be required is the size of the board and part number and/or
mechanical data on the parts.  specifically connectors and their placement,
mounting holes and any other information that the schematic would not
contain..  For board layout quote, contact Tom at
Now if you have a board design in anything other than Gerber data, such as
AutoCAD or BMP, then I would say contact Pat at as he
converts PCB data all day long every day.

Best regards,

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2002\08\19@094859 by Gregory D Wagner

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Check out <>.

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