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'[OT]: Numeric pager LCDs'
2003\07\04@123107 by Marc Nicholas

Sometimes being a packrat is a good thing...I found several old cellphones
and a numeric pager in my junk boxes. (I'm on my quest to build a small
pager motor robot).

The pager is a Panasonic EP-2H5B...I'd kinda like to use the LCD on it for
my little critter's status display. Anyone got any clues as to how it may be
driven or how to go about exploring it? I'd rather not blow the thing up
trying ;-)

It's just a standard 16 digit numeric pager LCD with a flex connector...I'm
also wondering if the chip that seems to have firmware and labelled
MN171655BCP might be an MCU? (Could it be some sort of OEM PIC 1655?).

Any clues appreciated...


Marc Nicholas Geekythings Inc. C/416.543.4896
UNIX, Database, Security and Networking Consulting

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