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'[OT]: New Pace MBT250 Rework Station for Sale'
2001\05\24@102435 by Roger Morella

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From: Roger Morella [spam_OUTrmorejrTakeThisOuTspamYAHOO.COM]
Sent: Wednesday, May 23, 2001 10:49 PM
To: .....PICLISTKILLspamspam@spam@MITVMA.MIT.EDU
Subject: [OT] New Pace MBT250 Rework Station for Sale

I am selling a PACE MBT250 rework station.  This is a new unit which has
never been used, although the box has been opened. It includes a
precision solder iron and solder extractor and has provisions for other
Pace handpeices for SMT rework including pic and place and thermojet hot
air products.
(For complete specifications. )

I am selling it for a friend of mine who bought it to use in a repair
business that never got off the ground. I would buy it from him but I
already have the same model (It works great, by the way). He paid over
$1200 for it.  He would like to get $900 for it. If that seems too high,
make him an offer.

If you do not feel comfortable sending funds to a complete stranger, I
have used , which is an online escrow service, and
have found it to be perfect for these types of transactions ( I offer to
will split the escrow fees 50/50).  Otherwise,, personal
check or money orders are also exceptable.

Please respond to my email address directly


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