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'[OT]: Motor Driver. Need Help!'
2001\03\22@164446 by Thomas N

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Hi everyone,

I am building a small robot and I run into the problem of finding the right
Motor Driver and the method of controlling the motor.

I want to be able to make the robot go forward, backward, and stop.  I also
want to be able to control the speed.  Controlling the speed, I think I can
use the PWM method to control it.


1. If I use PWM, at what frequency should I use?

2. Is there any motor driver out there that can control 2 motors?  (I need 2
motor drivers)

3. Do you have the schematic of the motor driver circuit?  I will need it to
build my driver.

4. Any other method to control the motor and its speed?

Thank you everyone in advance!
Best regards,

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2001\03\22@183618 by Petra Weeks

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Hi Thomas
Have you considered  using stepper motors. They are highly  controllable,
especially by digital control. A good source of information can be found at

I am currently working on a MicroMouse project for University, which
includes stepper motors, and hope to use a PLD to Full-step or Half-step,
forwards or backwards.

With best regards

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2001\03\23@030607 by Roman Black

Thomas N wrote:
{Quote hidden}

A good beginner system is to use a single NPN transistor
to drive the motor, either on/off or with pwm. That depends
on software.

For motor reversal you can use any DPDT relay (2x changover)
to simply reverse the motor leads. As your robot spends most
of it's time going forward this can be the most energy efficient
system for a battery operated robot.

Search Yahoo for "hobby robot motor" and see what comes up!

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