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'[OT]: Modeling Tools'
2001\04\24@101938 by George Chatzigeorgiou

Thanks. Any links?

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2001\04\24@140228 by Douglas Wood

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No. I only have an address:

SELECT Software Tools
Suite #84 Brookhollow Office Park
1526 Brookhollow Drive
Santa Ana, CA  92705 USA

However, one of our fellow PICLISTers, Michael Pont, has written a book
entitled "Software Engineering with C++ and CASE Tools". Michael has
included an educational version the SELECT Yourdon (V3.10) with his book. It
is the same version that I use except for an annyoing sign-on screen.
Michaerl's web page is

Douglas Wood
Software Engineer

Home of the EPICIS Development System for the PIC and SX

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