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'[OT]: Missing anti-flicker feature in the=?utf-8?b'
2007\04\18@200636 by Peter P.

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Sorry if this appears twice, things happened with the email client here:

Vitaliy <spam <at>> writes:

> I'm curious, then how would you go about obtaining the source code?
> Technically, the software is not "sold", so you should be able to get
> the source free of charge, right?

There must exist a downloadable (or otherwise available) version of the sources
used, in a form suitable to build the entire binary package (but this does not
mean it's a script and you run it - it may involve a hefty percentage of a CS
degree's knowledge to make things work). If this is not true then the maker is
in breach of the GPL and he may be made to comply. See here:

The last link has a list of 'hot' cases that is continuously updated. There's
also this, which is interesting to read (contrast between 'viral' GPL and 'viral'
EULA and other legal shenanigans in a shrinkwrap box or dvd box):

Peter P.

2007\04\19@110410 by Peter P.

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William "Chops" Westfield <westfw <at>> writes:

> (I don't know exactly how this works for an "embedded" box
> without clear differentiation between OS and application.  No
> doubt vendors want it to work one way, and RMS quite another.)

I am not sure what the 'letter of the law' is but embedding a proprietary
application with a full deck kernel looks like aggregation to anybody. That's
why there were lawsuits against several embedded device makers who did just
that. The lawsuits were successfull afaik. Of course the source to the
application need not be pbulished afaik. (but binary-only kernel modules, as
used by several vendors, are a no-no).

Peter P.

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