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'[OT]: Microchip Power Bricks'
2001\02\02@033723 by Michael Rigby-Jones

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> Subject:      Re: [PIC]: Microchip Power Bricks
> >At least linear supplies generaly hum quite loudly followed by a waft of
> >smoke if they fail.
> You must be one of them lucky guys who evaded being sprayed by a failing
> large electrolytic in a linear supply ;-) I don't know what causes asthma
> but THAT certainly does it, at least temporarily ! I once worked in a
> restricted space and had this happen and I thought I had a 50% chance to
> make it to fresh air in time.
> Peter
Never had an electolytic explode in my face, although I have seen more than
a few tantalums spontaneously ignite!

I used to work for a railway signalling company and one of the products was
a hefty, non regulated linear supply.  The transformer had a VDR across one
of the primary windings to absorb the regular surges found on railway
supplies.  Unfortunately, the women building the units sometimes connected
these accross the wrong tappings.  As an apprentice I worked on in the test
area for some time, and one of my jobs was to test these PSU's.  I can
remember swithing a supply on, and hearing a very loud humming, so I
switched it off quickly and called over the supervisor.  He sat down and
switched the PSU back on and after a couple of seconds of humming the VDR
literaly exploded.  The poor guy was on an office type chair with castors,
and the fright of the explosion made him jump so much he went flying down
the workshop on this chair!  By this time the unit was well and truly on

So I guess linears can be pretty dangerous, but they *usualy* give some
warning as to their impending failure.  The first time you know a switcher
has expired is when you are picking the insides of a cap out of your hair...


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2001\02\04@121739 by dre Domingos F. Souza

>Never had an electolytic explode in my face, although I have seen more than
>a few tantalums spontaneously ignite!

       It's FUN! After the acrylic shield, of course :o)

--------------8<-------Corte aqui-------8<--------------

       All the best!!!
       Alexandre Souza
       Linux User #85093

--------------8<-------Corte aqui-------8<--------------

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