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'[OT]: Manned Rocketship progress'
2001\09\09@200125 by Russell McMahon

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Well, maybe a bit of a fanciful term, but it's getting close to being one.
John's first manned trial planned for a week from now.
All being well, probably less height, less duration and less range than the Wright Brother's first flight BUT how many manned amateur vertical takeoff and landing rocket propelled craft have you ever heard of?

Plans are for a version which is manned & supersonic to be setting new 'time to altitude' records a year or two from now.

NB - this is NOT (alas) my project.


We flew the big vehicle with the full size central engine and ballast equal to the pilot today:

I kept it very low to the ground, because I wasn't sure how long the load of peroxide was going to last in this configuration, but the handling is great (even with a hugely offset CG because of the pilot ballast).

The full update with details and lots of other stuff is at:

If everything goes well, we are going to lift off with a person next weekend.

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