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'[OT]: MPLab in Win2000'
2002\09\09@102408 by Bob Barr

On Mon, 9 Sep 2002 09:56:11 -0400, Hazelwood Lyle wrote:

<topic tag changed for off-the-wall response>

<actual question snipped>

>Any suggestions greatly appreciated.
>(Hmm, tagged properly, plain text format, version
>info included, mention of my own attempt to find the
>info, dead fish waving slowly in a counter-clockwise
>direction.. I think I'm covered!)

You're waving your dead fish counter-clockwise? I'm surprised this
post came through at all.

My recollection is that the fish is supposed to be waved clockwise on
odd days of the month and counter-clockwise on even days.

(Obviously, if you're posting from the Southern Hemisphere, the
direction needs to be reversed.)

Regards, Bob

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2002\09\09@104330 by M. Adam Davis

The professionals actually move the fish over the object horizontally
slowly several times, but the secret trick is you wave the fish by the
tail, the entire fish is horizontal (stiff) with one side facing down
and the other side facing up.

Empirical tests have shown that it doesn't matter which side faces down
(which is convenient, as many of the test subjects had difficulty
discerning port from starboard in the fish...)

How the fish becomes stiff is an excersize left to the reader.


Bob Barr wrote:

{Quote hidden}

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