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'[OT]: Looking for good book Delphi & DirectX'
2001\01\15@131704 by D. Schouten

Hi All,

Since lot's of you guys are also developing PC software
for interfacing with external (PIC powered) devices, I
was wondering if someone could give some advise on good
books dealing with DirectX implementations in Borland Delphi.

I already own a Delphi Unleashed book which I find very
good, but very little info about DirectX.



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2001\01\15@214841 by Antonio L Benci

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There is a "Game Programmers Guide to DirectX for Dephi". Check out

"D. Schouten" wrote:
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| Antonio (Nino) L. Benci                            |
| Professional Officer / Electronic Services Manager |
| School of Physics & Materials Engineering          |
| Monash University                                  |
| T: 61 3 9905 3649. F: 61 3 9905 3637               |
| M: 0414 924 833                                    |

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n:Benci;Antonio L
tel;cell:0414 924 833
tel;fax:+61 3 9905 3637
tel;home:0414 924 833
tel;work:+61 3 9905 3649
org:Monash University;School of Physics & Materials Engineering
title:Professional Officer/Electronic Services Manager
adr;quoted-printable:;;PO Box 27=0D=0ASchool of Physics and Materials Engineering=0D=0AMonash University;Monash University;VIC;3800;Australia
fn:Antonio L Benci

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