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'[OT]: Lawyers and Solicitors'
2001\08\05@120141 by James Salter

I can't resist jumping in on this . . .

> > Get your solicitor to send them a letter.
> Is a solicitor what we Americans would call a lawyer?
>Yes it is. The term "solicitor", used in Commonwealth countries, is
much to be preferred over Americans' use of "lawyer" because the
precise meaning of the verb "to solicit" is to accost, to make immoral
request or offer, to pester by begging. The noun "solicitation" means
the act of soliciting in the streets for immoral purposes. There is an
offence of "soliciting", meaning to procure women for the purposes of
>It's obvious that this association of the word "solicitor" with vice,
immorality & prostitution is so much more accurately evocative of the
work practices & "ethics" of the legal profession than the misnomer
"lawyer". One hopes its usage may be taken up by our American friends!

Agreed, in the interest of accuracy, we Americans should adopt a meaner word
to describe those wretched scalywags who prostitute the law to the basest
depths of carnal iniquity and avarice.  However, this may be impossible now
because the word "lawyer" has already experienced abject pejoration at the
hands of our lawyers.  Verily, the word "lawyer" now means "law whore".  I
can't resist coining a new term: "Lawhore".


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2001\08\05@154321 by Robert Rolf

picon face
these were told to me by a Lawyer so I guess it's ok to repeat them ...

What do you call 10,000 lawyers at the bottom of a lake?

A good start.

They started using laywers in experiments, intead of lab rats.

They found that there were far more lawyers available, than rats.

They found that the technicians didn't get as attached to the lawyers,
as they did to the rats.

And they found that there were some things that a rat just wouldn't do.

'nuf said?

James Salter wrote:
{Quote hidden}

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