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'[OT]: It was bitscope,'
2002\02\13@175143 by Alexandre Domingos F. Souza

>OK, I hadn't seen any of those - can only go by what I've seen/heard in
>the last 3 years while here in Ohio : )
>The group here is probably better educated than the people I have worked
>with on the factory floor too.
>Might have caught me on a bad day too - caught someone muttering "Damn
>foreigner" after I ordered food from them - and I wasn't rude etc - just
>had to ask what options there were for some items they had.
>(I do expect to have the odd problem being understood - but not that much
>being from NZ , I only speak english - never did take that german course)

       Eoin, I'll throw some light in the subject:

       I'm Brazilian. As every third-worlder, we are considered bad-educated and unpolite. But you don't see it here. Americans, also tend to be too much nationalists - as germans were in the times of the Third Reich. The fact is: Less culture, more prone to unpoliteness!!! I know brazilians who are polited like english lords. Also, I know americans that are so dammed, they don't deserve even be alive (er...Bush? :oD).

       The politeness isn't in the origin of the people, but in how much education had been given to him. There are a great majority of brazilians who are very unpolited. Just because they were born in a poor place, got no education, no attention from his/her family and was literally "thrown in the world alone". - Completely different from the ones who got good grade education and attention from their family.

       People need more education. Internet is a good way to get it. That's why people in the net USE TO BE more polite than you can find around you.

---8<---Corte aqui---8<----

Alexandre Souza

---8<---Corte aqui---8<----

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