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'[OT]: Help with sourcing LED's...'
2002\06\27@043306 by Andrew Errington

> Why oh why, can't I find any small red 7-seg LED's?

Umm, such as 404-1118-ND from, err, DigiKey?

7 Segment, red, CA, 0.43"x0.28" with 0.3" high digits at $1.92 each, with 589 pieces in stock?

4 of these side by side will take up 1.12", giving you 0.28" spare.

> I'm even not picky...

Well, that's fortunate.

> Anyone know where I might find these?  Digikey doesn't
> seem to have anything in stock.

That would be the parallel universe DigiKey that doesn't stock such exotic parts as 7-segment displays? =:^)


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2002\06\27@111445 by Pic Dude

Something's wrong here man... I swear I ran thru their
parametric search a gazillion times and did not get
this one.  Kept getting a list with .28" and .56" disps,
but all the .28" ones were out of stock.

Need to order fast before their website changes its
mind again. :-)


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