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'[OT]: Gravity waves sensor'
2001\06\01@064730 by Jinx

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Alexandre, I've uploaded an article from Electronics Today
International (UK) September 1994. I think I owe you after
besmirching your tackle the other day

It's the middle article of three, I'm sure I have the other two
somewhere. I'll leave the page up for a few days

Half of the 868kB is a Vero board layout, which I can't really
reduce the gray shade count on. The other 6 pages are about
70kB each and are twice A4 size, just to be readable. You'll
need reduce x2 to print them

I've read the article but it doesn't particularly interest me, and
I've no experience with measuring gravity waves. All I knows is
that at the underside of the world we have to use handrails far
too much. Perhaps someone else on the list can fill in the blanks

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2001\06\01@064936 by Jinx

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Alejandro, my apologies. I mixed you up with Mr Domingos

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