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PICList Thread
'[OT]: FBI's Magic Lantern'
2001\11\29@233716 by Russell McMahon

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* Magic Lantern hocus pocus

Several media reports this week have mentioned that the FBI is
developing something called Magic Lantern -- a 'virus' that installs a
key-logger on suspects' computers so the FBI can capture passwords to
encrypted files and the like. What has been described does not, in fact,
sound at all virus-like (no self-replication) but may fall into the
realm of Trojan Horses. Some reports suggest that Magic Lantern may be
installed via remotely exploitable security vulnerabilities, having
acquaintances of the suspect who are cooperating with the FBI e-mail
Magic Lantern to the suspects and so on. Many complex legal issues
surround these ideas and the question of whether or not antivirus
developers would cooperate with the FBI by deliberately not detecting
Magic Lantern has been raised. Links to some news articles touching on
these issues are included for your further reading.

News articles:

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