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'[OT]: Everyday Stunts'
2002\12\16@144045 by Josh Koffman

Actually, it always amazes me what some people can do, just because
that's what has to be done. Like Frank Tallman, who had to do that stunt
with the gear up because he wouldn't fit otherwise. I have a relative
who owns a scrap metal yard about an hour outside of Minneapolis, MN,
USA. I go down there to vacation and work in the yard. Where else can I
go to hop on and drive an 80' crane, or an excavator? Anyway, one of the
tools there is called a grapple. It's mounted on the end of an excavator
arm, and basically has two halves that clamshell together to pick up
scrap. There is one guy there who is so adept at it, he can remove the
electric motor from a washing machine with it. And not by just tearing
the machine to shreds. It's amazing to watch.

Just for those who are curious...the motor is generally removed because
of the high amount of copper in it. If we left it in with the steel, our
steel would have higher impurities, and we'd get less money for it on
the market.

Totally off topic, I know :)

A common mistake that people make when trying to design something
completely foolproof is to underestimate the ingenuity of complete
       -Douglas Adams

Robert Ussery wrote:
> Yes, they were totally real. They were performed by Frank Tallman and his
> crew from Tallmantz aviation in California. The flight through the billboard
> was almost fatal, in that it took the wings off the airplane the first time
> around, because the paper they used was stiffer than expected. The next time
> around they did it with weaker paper. As far as the flight through the
> hangar, that, too was a real stunt. AFAIR, Tallman did it with the gear up
> on the plane because there wasn't enough clearance to fly through the hangar
> with it down...
> Pretty cool, huh? :)

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