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'[OT]: Evening Star style guide for writers'
2002\09\03@083251 by Russell McMahon

Evening Star style guide for writers. (UK newspaper).
May be of some value to those seeking to write clearly for other

Aim appears to be well dumbed down (and therefore, hopefully,
understandable) prose.
(The use of hopefully in the preceding sentence contravenes their

Surprisingly interesting to read. YMMV.

Some points are a matter of style (of course) and some are just plain wrong
(IMHO of course)
eg "medieval" and "A hotel" respectively. Some are pedantic
(decimate)(correct, but hardly current usage). While it had not occurred to
me, there is no golden wedding anniversary :-). To find how (not) to deal
with gaol you must look under its US alternative. O.K. is not OK.

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2002\09\03@201239 by cdb

Oh dear,

My teachers, circa 60/70s were obviously wrong when setting homework
or exams, extolling us to write an essay with a minimum of 200 words
on the subject of --- .

I would never have made it to the Evening Star!
Oh no this is 53 words long. Damn you have not reached this far.

Now where on this list could I associate too many words equals too
much of my time and (by inference) too much money?

cdb, on 04/09/2002

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