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'[OT]: Escape from the planet was: [OT] a definite '
2006\08\06@093404 by Gus S Calabrese

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On 2006-Aug 05, at 14:48hrs PM, D. Jay Newman wrote:

> I don't know about Tony, but as long as there are protections for
> the minority, can you think of a better long-term solution?

> ^Yes I can think of better solutions. AGSC  Rather than get into  
> those,
> tell me where protection for minorities exist in the US for example ?

There are many legal protections embedded both in the US Constitution
and also in law.

The system isn't perfect, but it's not as bad as it seems.

The system is suitable for cattle, it does not advance human  
evolution, it does not do much
for the Furche.mensch  and it certainly hinders the development of  
the Übermensch.  Unless you are
well read in the areas of statist intervention, it is "worse" than it  
seems.  The survival of man on this planet
and the survival of diverse life on this planet depends on turning  
back the statist rats.  Possibly there is time
for a group of humans who represent the next step in evolution to  
escape Earth with their robot associates
and DNA records to recreate an Earth2 somewhere.  AGSC
D. Jay Newman           ! Author of:     ! _Linux Robotics: Programming Smarter Robots_ ! "Heros aren't born, they're cornered."

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