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'[OT]: Eagle version issue?'
2002\08\14@090531 by Anand Dhuru

I had created some schematics using the Eagle beta 3.95r0. Recently, I upgraded to the current 4.09r2, and find that if I try to load any of the schematics created earlier, I get a 'Load error 293 on the file...(path of the .sch file)

The text file called update that came with the new version does refer to this error, but not in the context of what I am experiencing.

Incidentally, the board files (.brd) seem to work all right.

Any idea what is happenning?


Anand Dhuru

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2002\08\14@091739 by Jim

Gee, how did you come to use a beta version?

The issue about version compatibility sounds like a
good question to pose to Cadsoft. My earlier DOS
version Eagle files miqrated nicely to the Windows
3.55 version - of course, no backward compatibility!

RF Jim

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