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'[OT]: Dying PC... need some services!'
2006\06\04@162713 by Gus S Calabrese

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rather than add more thermal grease or take anything
apart, how about adding more cooling ?  What is the air
temperature where you are ?  How about attaching an
additional heat sink to the one you have ?  And adding
another fan.  The fan does not have to run off the internal
power supply.  It can use your local power.
If the air temp is above 30 centigrade, you may want to
drop the air temperature.  This can be done with air conditioning,
( swamp coolers may introduce too much humidity depending
on where you are )   50 or 60 percent humidity will increase heat
transfer if your humidity is lower.
A thermal electric cooler would be worth considering especially if
you connect the hot side to water cooling.
If this is an emergency, you can use chunks of dry ice (frozen carbon  
to cool the incoming air to the desktop.

1) more air flow will increase cooling
2) larger heatsink will increase cooling
3) cooler air will increase cooling

Also, does your desktop provide CPU heat monitoring ?
If it does, use this to determine the effect of your efforts.

On 2006-Jun 04, at 11:00hrs AM, kravnus wolf wrote:
hope this helps Tan. Are you from Malaysia?


PS: i believe the dust clog is not the cause of the
problem. You may need more thermal glue to disperse
the heat more evenly.

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2006\06\04@205653 by John Ferrell

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I had a socket 478 motherboard PC in the shop about a month ago.
IMHO, the mechanical mounting scheme is poor.
There is a picture of your motherboard at

There are 4 plastic "towers" that engage the spring clamps on the heatsink
retainer. The plastic at the engagement points is very fragile. If one
cracks or breaks you will loose the tight contact between the heatsink and
the cpu.  In my example the heatsink simply fell to the base of the machine
with the fan running. The fan monitor indicated all was well and proceeded
to toast the cpu. The fragile plastic mount is easy to find and easy to
replace. It must happen a lot! I believe I paid about $5. It replaces with
"push-pull button" latches. I replaced the MB/heatsink/cpu for about $100
(parts) for my customer.

It hope the heat has not destroyed your CPU. They are pretty pricey for the
cpu alone.
I never use any adhesive between the heatsink and the cpu. Thermal grease is
a better choice.

Also, the heatsink fans do go intermittent. Those tiny fans cost $4 across
the counter.
John Ferrell    W8CCW
"My Competition is not my enemy"

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2006\06\05@161535 by WH Tan

Hello all,

I don't subscribe to OT with this e-mail... So I am answering from what I

John (my compatriot I believe) suggested that it might be the contact grease

After I disassembled all those things (thanks god, nothing broken) I am
quite certain now that it has to be the major cause why the PC (quite new,
less than a year in operation :) ) worked just fine for the past several
months, and the problem only surfaces now.  The dust has covered almost a
bit round area of the spaces between fins of the heat sink. It can be seen
more clearly when every thing is disassembled... as I said almost all area
were covered except those I had removed the dust with tweezer.  Anyway I had
prepared a new grease for reassembly.

Gus then suggested several things:

I tried to attach photo in my first post... unfortunately it got rejected by
the server.  In that photo you can see how 'bad' the condition. Sorry as I
just forwarded the message and forgot to give more clearer description
(needed without the photo) in my first post.

The temperature here will be more than 30 degree C at the noon till
evening... but my room is air conditional room. So it sounds like

Adding another heat sink will almost mean abandon the existing one. I see no
way I can attach a new heat sink to current one? Are you really meant so?

Adding another fan:  I think this really make sense... it might be my fault
after all.  Actually my PC casing has the extra fan at one size of the
casing cover. It used one power supply connector.  I have taken out the size
cover for 2 reason. First I need that connector for my second hard drive...
secondly I felt it would be nice if the cover was left out so that I could
access the internal of the PC easily. I need to change the internal
configuration frequently... like add in a second network card, take it out
later, exchange hard drive etc...  It seems to me now that move certainly
has reduced the internal air flow - well something that I have to think for
solution now :)

Other methods like adding electric cooler (I hope I haven't mentioned the
worng one), water cooling , frozen carbon dioxide etc might be a bit over
skill/over effort at the moment :)  I just want to get my PC back to its
original condition, where it has operated for months.  Thanks anyway for
those suggestions. I just learnt some of it like the frozen carbon dioxide
in your reply :)

John Ferrell added several comments plus a link to a board photo:

That's a nice photo.  It shows how the thing look like when the fan was
disassembled.  Surely your comments plus the photo have given me another
clue as I was too worry about breaking anything in the disassembly process.
Anyway I have one observation to add, after I have disassembled the fan.  I
think the longest the life of the fan, the less the chance you can
successfully take the heat sink off... I took it off just after I shut down
my PC and the heat of the plastic material of the whole thing make me
believe that it might get more and more fragile in the long run.  I mean it
will eventually lost its elastic nature one day and disassembly it will
almost certain to break it.  This is quite true for those 4 points which
will hook directly with the metal parts of the heat sink.

I'll try to assembly everything back in next couple of hours.  The result
will only know after another days of observation :)

Best regards,

WH Tan

2006\06\05@181750 by David VanHorn

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That little microdust is really nasty,  That's one reason I'm only doing
water cooled systems now. The larger low speed fans don't seem to acumulate
it much.

Using compressed air, gently blow out the "junk"

Feel the power of the dark side!  Atmel AVR

2006\06\05@221354 by kravnus wolf

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--- WH Tan <> wrote:

> Hello all,
> I don't subscribe to OT with this e-mail... So I am
> answering from what I
> remember.
> John (my compatriot I believe) suggested that it
> might be the contact grease
> problem:
Yes I am your southern compatriot. :) Do you use PIC
or dsPIC at work?


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2006\06\06@072739 by WH Tan

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Just a follow up.

I have assembled back the heat sink and fan.  Everything looks fine so
far.  The only thing that I still not decide is whether to put back
the side cover or not...

Anyway I have now Intel monitor program running... it should alert me
if anything get wrong.

Best regards,

WH Tan

2006\06\06@082938 by WH Tan


> Yes I am your southern compatriot. :) Do you use PIC
> or dsPIC at work?
> John

Just subscribe to the OT...

Yes.  Current we're doing some mass production with a PIC16 part... and
occasionally I will use PIC18 to do some custom tool.    I have don't
anything 'serious' with dsPIC yet.

Best regards,

WH Tan

2006\06\06@090822 by WH Tan

> occasionally I will use PIC18 to do some custom tool.    I have don't
> anything 'serious' with dsPIC yet.

I meant I haven't done anything with dsPIC yet.  Just some experiment so

WH Tan

2006\06\17@013836 by WH Tan

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Just to inform that after more than a week of observation, I think I
can declare that the problem is history now :)

Thanks very much to those who have responded to this thread.

WH Tan

2006\06\17@111455 by John Chung

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good to hear it.


--- WH Tan <> wrote:

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