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'[OT]: Digital Cameras, was Poptronics no more :-('
2003\02\28@034145 by Alan B. Pearce

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>I am not convinced about digital's yet, although I would like
>to see the quality of Canon EOS1ds shots.

When this came up in the debate I did a search for the EOS 1DS, and found
canon's web site where they have some example pictures. They have them in
raw (something like 34MB), large jpg (about 3.5 to 4.5MB depending on
picture), and small jpg (still about 1MB!). there are about 4 examples, and
the couple I looked at in large jpg really impressed me.

>I always liked the Canon EOS1n SLR - a trully professional camera,
>and takes fantastic pictures.  Big money though. I paid more than
>A$8000 for mine with just one professional quality lens !

You mean Canon make any other sort of lens ??? :))
Yeah, wish I could afford one to go with my 2 canon EOS film cameras.

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