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'[OT]: Digi-Key'
2001\01\05@184047 by miked

I see their newest catalog is about half as thick as the last 2000 one. Have
they dropped a lot of lines?

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'[OT]: Digi-key'
2004\04\16@202955 by Shawn Wilton
Your basing your oppinion off an incident that happened several years
ago?  Jeez.  Grudge?  ;-)  It was probably an accidental computer
glitch.  Were they courteous and respectful when you when in to have the
 issue resolved???

Shawn Wilton
Junior in CpE

Phone: (503) 881-2707

Charles Craft wrote:
> FedEx ain't what it used to be and the FedEx Green (former Roadway) is just the pits.
> Shipped a PC to my sister a few years ago and they chose to rework my label and send it to another town.
> Assumed that I didn't know where I wanted it shipped to or where my sister lives. #%$%$^#$#@#$%
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'[OT]: Digi-Key'
2007\02\20@220123 by Richard J. Pytelewski
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Just a personal observation..... I usually went directly to Digi-Key as my
primary source for components .... but over the last few projects I have
come to see an increase in Digi-Key's pricing versus other suppliers. Newark
was 25 - 30% less on PICs and competitive (or less) on other discretes and
passives. I do a lot more looking at "other" suppliers now...

Offered FWIW -


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Subject: [OT]: Digi-Key Search Plugin

I just created an OpenSearch plugin for the Digi-Key parts search.
Thought some of you might find it useful.


2007\02\20@221549 by Richard Prosser

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If you want to send me the problem area of code I'll try & have a look
& see if I can spot anything - but no promises and no payment expected
either. (Maybe donate to the Salvation Army or someone if sucessful?)
Richard Prosser

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On 21/02/07, Richard J. Pytelewski <> wrote:
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> -

2007\02\20@221648 by Richard Prosser

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Woops - wrong meessage reply - sorry everyone.


On 21/02/07, Richard Prosser <> wrote:
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2007\02\21@094410 by Harold Hallikainen

Another interesting search site is . It searches
Digikey, Mouser, and a bunch of others.


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