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'[OT]: Connecting 16F877 on internet by PSTN'
2002\08\07@204858 by Barry Gershenfeld

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>     Drifiting off topic... Last weekend I decided to take an old ISA 486
>and move it from Windoze 3.11 to RH 7.3 The machine has a no name NE2000
>compatible card in it. It's based on the RTL8009. I can't find a Linux
>driver for it. No one has responded yet on . I
>can't find anything in Google other than other people looking for the
>same thing. Anyone know of a driver for such a card?

1.  Supposedly, anything that says NE2000 or "yes, it's Novell" uses
the bottom-of-the-barrel ne.o driver.

2. I tried a search...  Did you see this one?

 "The RealTek 8009 is the winmodem of the network card world. Basically
with this card, the computer CPU does EVERYTHING, including verify checksum
headers, compare masks etc etc. The win9x driver I believe loads the
firmware into RAM for this card too. For an ISA based system you'll have
much better luck using ..."

I'd be the last one to say get another card, but...

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2002\08\09@125031 by Harold M Hallikainen

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On Wed, 7 Aug 2002 17:35:29 -0700 Barry Gershenfeld <spam_OUTbarry_gTakeThisOuTspamZMICRO.COM>
> I'd be the last one to say get another card, but...

       What other card would you say to get, recognizing this is an ISA bus



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2002\08\09@162956 by Josh Koffman

I like the 3com Etherlink III - 3c509 cards. I usually use the dos
program available on 3com's website to disable plug and play and
manually set the configuration. But then, that's just me. Don't get
confused with the 3c905 cards - the 905's are PCI.

A common mistake that people make when trying to design something
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       -Douglas Adams

Harold M Hallikainen wrote:
>         What other card would you say to get, recognizing this is an ISA bus
> machine.

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2002\08\09@174743 by M. Adam Davis

I would suggest any card that says NE2000 compatible.  In particular any
card based on a realtek 8019 chip would work.

Depending on the cards manufacturer you may have to setup the jumperless
card in DOS before you can use it (some set it to the NE2000 default of
IRQ=3 and IO=300, but a lot set it to plug n play - not sure if linux
will support a plug n play RTL8019, but could be wrong here)

I use dozens of these cards and have no problem under dos environments,
and I've used them under freebsd and linux.

I can send you one for $15 if you want one, but you should be able to
find one locally for under $10.


Harold M Hallikainen wrote:

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