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'[OT]: Cheap wireless modules (like Oregon Scientif'
2001\04\17@204259 by Barry Gershenfeld

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>I actually did take mine apart, to no avail. I could not determine by
>looking at the tiny hardware inside what they used. It almost seemed like
>they have a uP with the functionality built-in.

Well, then, that may be what they did.  We'll have to build a
433 MHz receiver and see if we can watch the bits that the
remotes send.  If all we want is the protocol, that is.

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2001\04\18@092131 by t F. Touchton

RF Monolithics has some cheap OOK transmitters and receivers.  Pretty simple (I
believe just 4 connections).   I believe 318mhz up to 900 mhz.   Makes for a
very simple wireless link, though you need to watch duty cycle of the digital
transmission.... differential Manchester or something similar definitely
required unless your data rate is dead slow.

Also... Linx (?) has some simple modules to do the same thing, though not OOK,
but FSK.   Cost I believe is around $15 US single piece price.


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