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'[OT]: Cheap Web Hosting [was sample serial code fo'
2001\09\10@144616 by Dan Michaels

Fr. Tom McGahee wrote:
>(There are not too many places offering free websites
>that also give you more than 10 megabytes of space).
>If you absolutely can't stand the ads, try my other

There are a number of ISPs who offer 500MB space starting about
$6.95/month with name formats as you show above, and domain name
hosting < > starting at $8.95 or so. and come to mind. [unfortunately
the 1st guys used idiots - grafix junkies - to create their
home page, but the hosting service is good, ~42,000 sites

- dan

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2001\09\10@215444 by James Newton. Admin 3

face picon face
And then there are "ISPs" who offer free sites with 40GB free and on-screen
WYSIWYG editing (for IE 5.x users) and an optional reader feedback mechanism
and full search engine.

And a free tertiary domain name.

And a little auction script

And... and...

Well? What else do you want? What more can I do? Why go anywhere else?

Full ecommerce coming soon... doesn't look good, but works... looks good, doesn't work yet.

James Newton, PICList Admin #3
1-619-652-0593 phone

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