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PICList Thread
'[OT]: Challenge,'
2001\10\20@075142 by Russell McMahon

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I am trying to design a circuit that is cheap, reliable uses very little
power and possibly decodes a 'signal' of some sort?

There were things around that you clapped your hands and the beeped back at
you, how long did the batteries last as I want 1 year if possible?

Any other interesting ideas anyone, its over to you to discuss

More desired specs needed.
Commercial units I have seen are very rough.
"Microphone" is also the beeper - a piezo sounder.
Reacts to both claps, whistles of the right frequency and loud sounds.

Battery life depends on power drain and acceptable battery size.
How big physically?
What range?
What "coding" capability?
Envisaged application?

An RFID device may be a good solution depending on desired range.

   Russell McMahon

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