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'[OT]: C compiler recommendation (Was: C compiler'
2000\07\05@090426 by David Kott

> I'm looking for an affordable C cross compiler for the PIC.
> (affordable = < 450.00)
> I recall reading many complaints about CCS but it seems to be the only
> one in my price range.
> Can someone please give recommendations. Or reasons why I should or
> shouldn't invest in CCS.
> NT os preferred but Linux would work too.

We use the CCS PIC C compiler, PCM, for 14 bit core processors.  The
compiler allows for full integration with MPLab.  That is to say, you can
simulate (and presumably trace using an ICE), single step and the like, from
your full source code, seamlessly.  I can't say that I really recommend it,
but, the price is right.  It is a good package to start with, before moving
up to a more mature and better supported product.

CCS also makes a compiler for the 12 bit core processors, PCB.

Read more about them at

HITECH also makes a development environment that appears to be generally
well regarded by its users.  Read more about that at

See also Pavel Baranov's C2C compiler (and his C++ Compiler)

This is a very reasonably priced compiler, and Pavel is *amazingly*
supportive of his products.  I follow his mailing list.  Requests and the
very rare bug are addressed quickly.  Contrast that with CCS, who hasn't
replied once to any of my unsolicited requests for support, even after
periodic remailings.  Phone support at CCS, at least, has answered 66% of
the time that I have called.


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2000\07\05@101111 by Lawrence Lile

The C-Compiler Wars are like Ford and Chevy wars - each camp says the
other's truck is junk.  I've used CCS for a couple of years now, and I have
all but quit programming in assembler.  CCS is a fine set of programs well
worth the price.

Keep in mind they charge an annual fee if you want upgrades.  For me it is
easier to ask my boss for $99 a year for six years than $600 up front.

-- Lawrence

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