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'[OT]: Browsing two web servers on the same LAN,'
2000\11\10@075550 by David Kott

> Hi All,
> I have a LAN that is made up by a NT Server + a few
> Win98 workstations. The NT Server has been configured
> with its built-in Web Server, IIS, enabled. The Server
> machine is connected to a router that links with the
> infrastructure provider. I can access the IIS of the
> NT machine, by using a browser anywhere in the world.
> I have recently installed to one of the Win 98
> workstation the "Personal Web Server", however, I
> found that it is accessable only by machines connected
> to the LAN, but not by one from the internet. Is there
> any way I can make it responds to external internet
> browsing like what the IIS Server is doing (the IIS
> should be working too, of course)?Thanks in advance!

Sounds like your Win98 machine:

1.) has a public IP, but is behind a firewall that blocks incoming TCP
connections on port 80 (at least).
2.) doesn't have a public IP, and is proxied (NATd, DeleGate, WinGate etc.)
from its private IP to the Internet, proper.
3.) has a misconfigured webserver that isn't binding to the proper IP
address.  It may be binding to the loopback, or other such odd behavior.  I
don't think this is it, given the audience for which Microsoft develops.
However, I suspect you *could* shoot yourself in the foot if you mucked with
the configuration files long enough.  I don't use that application, so this
is off-the-cuff speculation.

Find out what the IP address of the Win98 machine is.  If it is one of the
"non-routable" address ranges,, and erm... (I think), you are pretty much hosed.  These are "RFC 1918
unregistered source addresses" and are, by convention, not routable.  Hence
your intranet provides that functionality for you via some proxying
mechanism.  You *could* get your Win98 machine on the Internet proper,
however it would require some fairly explicit cooperation of your intranet's
proxying mechanism.


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2000\11\10@082307 by Philip Adams

Or you could use a free service like i do by downloading a loading a small
proggie it allows your machine to be accessed by a
name (also works through proxies and routers.)
go to for more info.
hope this helps

Phil Adams
IT / E-Commerce Manager
WH Business Gifts
Tel: 01344 860861
Fax: 01344 301874
Mobile: 0788 4497946

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