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'[OT]: Browsers'
2002\06\09@224134 by Mike Singer

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 Bob Ammerman wrote:

>"Outlook Express" is an POP/SMTP style email client. It comes free with
>various flavors of Windows.
>Plain "Outlook" is a much more elaborate program. In addition to POP/SMTP
>email it can also serve as a client for exchange server. It also contains
>calendar management, and a lot of other complicated, proprietary MS stuff.
>It is not free.
>"Exchange" is the piece that runs on the server.

Tal Dayan wrote:

>Looks like (and please correct me if I wrong) that Microsoft is using the
>name Outlook for both the CLIENT product (the classical Outlook one runs
>on her desktop) and for an Exchange SERVER component that serves email
>using http/html interface.
>This are two different products with similar names for marketing reasons,
>one typically runs on a server and the other runs on a desktop (similar to
>To which of the two do you refer to ?

  I can't fully agree with Bob that both Outlooks are POP/SMTP style email
clients. Try add new account in MS Outlook 2002 (Express 6). It will
list http
server account among others to choose. Http-mail servers are meant to work
with mail in on-line mode (Yahoo, Hotmail and thousands others).
  The idea of choosing http server account in Outlook is that, you'll
be able to
work in off-line with your mail on http server. Outlook will get your
mail to your
local folders. I have my Outlook Express 6 set to my Hotmail account. It
rather slowly, though. There is a rumour Outlooks can handle non-Hotmail
accounts, but I didn't check it.
  Why am I so worried about being able to work with my mail over http
in off-line
mode? I can't discuss this sort of question from POP3/SMTP account.
There are
some very-very specific issues one have to stick in when working with
POP3/SMTP mail in my country.
  Definitely, I'm going to post a question about quick http-mail
servers, located
somewhere over valleys and mountains. I know admins prefer POP3/SMTP
member's accounts rather then http. But some specific issues do really

  Mike. Ukraine.

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2002\06\10@075734 by Bob Ammerman

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I think I probably erred in two respects in my prior post:

1: apparently Outlook Express v6 does some things that I was not aware of
(although I have that version and I don't see how to configure non-SMTP
servers. Perhaps he is seeing that choice because of some other piece of
installed software. I really don't know.

2: there is indeed a third member of the Outlook family which runs on the
server and allows access to Exchange accounts over HTTP via the web.

Bob Ammerman
RAm Systems

{Original Message removed}

2002\06\10@101801 by Dale Botkin

On Mon, 10 Jun 2002, Bob Ammerman wrote:

> 2: there is indeed a third member of the Outlook family which runs on the
> server and allows access to Exchange accounts over HTTP via the web.

Outlook Web Access (OWA).  It's a 'feature' of Exchange.


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