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'[OT]: Bluetooth'
2003\11\17@232321 by Pedro Drummond

Anybody using Bluetooth ? It seems to take too long to lower chipset prices.
What is the cheapest chipset now in the market ?



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2003\11\18@002626 by Ted Larson

Here are the options I have seen so far:

1)  Pre-made module - Everything included, just hookup I2C or a UART to it
and go.
   certified 1.1 stack, and FCC compliance all built-in.
2)  Half-made module - Everything but software - Write your own BT stack and
   try and get it certified to be compliant.
3)  DIY - Buy a chipset and make it yourself - Write your own software
again, and
   also go out and get FCC approval for your device.

I am just chomping at the bit to do some bluetooth....but the stuff I've
seen so far is
too expensive.  The pre-made modules seem like the way to go, because I am
not to thrilled about writing my own stack from the spec.....but then...
it's like $70-100 for the modules...even in quantity. I design
a device with a $70 bt module in it...great...then what.  I just tripled
the manufacturing cost of the embedded product, just so I can have

Seen any other options I should be contemplating?  I would love to add
to a device, providing I could get the cost of adding it down to less than
per unit.


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2003\11\18@011935 by Reggie Berdin

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Hi Ted,

I am using pre-made bluetooth modules using CSR chipset,,
on one of my clients. They are buying at about $12-13 in 1K quantities.  The
total chipset cost is only about $10 if mounted/soldered by themself.  But
needs calibration, testing and separate BQB approval for the hardware.


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2003\11\18@014928 by Ted Larson


Thanks for the reply.  It's funny you should mention the CSR product.
I was literally just browsing their website right when I noticed
your post.  It looks pretty nice.

Did you have to buy some kind of developers kit?  If
much did that run?  I have seen some modules where the kit is
like $6k, and you have to program the darn thing in assembly.


- Ted

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2003\11\18@020626 by Reggie Berdin

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Hi Ted,

I ordered the development kit (bluelab) 2 years ago. Costs about $1K that
time.  I think their entry level kit is now about $3K now.  It is based on
gcc C compiler.  Development is in cygwin environment.  Comes with a
bluetooth module, ready made example programs for headset, audio gateway,
serial port replacement, webserver/fileserver and some test programs.  I
have no need to add a pic for functionality because it can run independently
using VM (virtual machine) mode with access upto RFCOMM library.

Most of the pre-made modules and USB dongles I've seen are based on CSR


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