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'[OT]: Apposite poem'
2001\09\16@202501 by Russell McMahon

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I was sent an old poem by a friend.
I thought about posting it directly but in the circumstances I'll just post
a link.
If anyone wants to comment send me a response offlist (flame or comment or
If I get more than 1 or 2 non-flames I'll copy them to all respondents and
that way we achieve the same aim but keep the noise level down.

The writer uses so many images which are directly pertinent to many aspects
of this current tragedy that I would have sworn it was written precisely for
this occasion. But in fact it was written in New York 62 years ago in 1939
by W H Auden on the occasion of the Nazis invading Poland. There are several
parallels. On that occasion the US was a little slower to react. Quite a few
messages here which address the various facets of the present situation.
Well worth reading.

also at

and many other places (as a confirmation of its historic authenticity).

       Russell McMahon

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