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'[OT]: Amish Virus'
2001\03\06@120622 by Lawrence Lile

> Thou hast been stricken by the Amish Virus.   Prithy copy this virus in
> hand and deliver it humbly, without using telephones, fax machines,
> computers, or motorized transportation, to all of thy friends.
> Since we Amish have no computers and know nothing of the evils of virus
> programming, we ask your cooperation in the spirit of neighborliness.
> Delete any evil content on your computer that was inspired by Satan, such
> information about wheels, airplanes, automobiles, computers, telephones,
> women's voting rights, clothes with colors other than black,  families
> smaller than 25, laws against child labor, businesses that are open on
> Sunday, roads paved with anything other than mud, houses with paint on
> indoor plumbing, electric motors, or anything produced by Microsoft.  As
> Amish are into turning the other cheek, as soon as thou hast deleted all
> files on THY computer, we will delete all our OWN computer files as well.
> This will not be much of a sacrifice, as we have no computer files in the
> first place.
> We know that thy life will be simpler after this, and thou will live in
> blessedness of Our Father.  Perhaps thou'd like to grow a long beard only
> thy chin, wear a black smokey bear hat and join us this Sunday as we sit
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