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'[OT]: America's Cup'
2003\02\14@190529 by Russell McMahon

1st race in 1993 America's Cup, NZ against the world
(Well, they say they're Swiss but they have more NZers on that boat than
Swiss :-) ).

Kiwi ingenuity (long thin keel bulb, rule expanding hula sub hull appendage,
...) against international big dollars

1st race starts in 15 minutes.
Stay tuned .....

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'[OT]: America's Cup'
2003\03\02@003018 by Russell McMahon
Well, there goes the boat race :-(

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2003\03\02@031055 by Jinx

face picon face
> Well, there goes the boat race :-(


Yes, after a year of battering-ram promotion, sycophancy and
dirty politics, it's hard to believe it's finally gone. Now to avoid
years of "what went wrong"

Team NZ will be mounting a challenge for the next one. Oh,
yippee-skip. The admission that the NZ crew weren't prepared
(3 years not long enough ?) and the hiring of a private investigator
to dig up dirt on Alinghi's crew makes me completely unsympathetic
to their loss so good riddance to it. I didn't like the personnel at the
start and at the end I had no respect for them either

toodle-ooh, bye-bye, adios...............


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