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'[OT]: Accurate mains frequency measurement'
2001\06\27@120824 by goflo

Bob Ammerman wrote:
> In the US at least: System frequency will vary by small amounts under heavy
> load swings. It will be averaged out 'as quickly as possible', often within
> minutes, nearly always within hours, certainly within days.

Unless you live in Hawaii  -  Circa 1980 local time
was nearly 5 minutes behind UT. Everybody knew it. A
matter of civic pride, really. No beeg ting, brah...

Until the start of a particularly vital Monday Night
Football game was muffed - When the local station cut
to the satellite feed viewers found 20 points on the
board, a stadium in pandemonium, & Coselle & Meredith
duking it out in the booth.

The ensuing uproar was memorable.

regards, Jack

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