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'[OT]: 30"LCD panel souce needed'
2003\11\11@062350 by Tato

I have a request for my client for a 30" LCD flat panel
monitor. It will be used as an electronic banner.

I've searched and found some LCD monitor and LCD TV that size
but the prices are too high. I was thinking about buying directly from
the manufacturer since I don't need the case, mounting, etc. Just
the LCD and controller.

The volume will be around 1000 pieces. Is there anyone in the list
living or doing business with companies in Taiwan or China?

Octavio Nogueira
Tato Equipamentos Eletrônicos Ltda
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2003\11\11@064257 by Jake Anderson

that is a *SERIOUSLY* large LCD
I dont see much change out of $3k us at the cheap end.

if its a banner might not an LED display be better?
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2003\11\11@075300 by Alan B. Pearce

face picon face
>The 3K price is for the complete and assenbled unit,
>I want to pay less for the display alone.

As you are looking for 1000 units it is probably worth going to the local
importers to see what you can achieve. For this quantity they may even be
prepared to do a special shipment without the cases, but you are going to
need some sort of case for them anyway, so why not use theirs with your own
badge on it? It seems to me that you will not get a much better price from a
Taiwanese manufacturer unless you are going to buy even larger quantities.

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2003\11\11@115624 by Herbert Graf

> No, the led display won't work,
> my client needs a full color video.

       Actually their are LED displays now that support full colour video. They
use red, green and blue LEDs to form the image. Price though is the
question, I'm not sure if they are "mass produced" enough like LCDs are to
be cheaper then an LCD solution. TTYL

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2003\11\12@033802 by o-8859-1?Q?Tony_K=FCbek?=

Tato wrote:
>I have a request for my client for a 30" LCD flat panel
>monitor. It will be used as an electronic banner.
Well I don't know anything near *that* size, however there might
be other solutions (think outside the box :) ). For example
we use Samsung LTM15 (15" fullcolor VGA I/F LCD panels) in out products,
placing two of these next to each other will give you an very wide display
(almost 30") however only the height of an normal 15" display, then you'll
also need an graphics board with two outputs. Anyway this will give you an 0.5" gap between them, but that's hadly noticable
a few meters away. Cost: the LTM15 are about $300 each, then you need an PC with dual output graphic board.

Seems feaseble at $3k, but just barely :)


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2003\11\12@043933 by Hulatt, Jon

In the UK, if you look in the right place, you can get 42" plasma screens
for just over £2000, from brands like LG and so on. Most of these have VGA
inputs. Perhaps buying 1000 pieces would qualify you for a discount that
would bring this price more in line with your budget? Try talking to LG in
the USA perhaps.


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2003\11\24@003708 by ahid Sheikh

Sanyo, Sharp and AUO are a few names that come to mind. Check out this website: It has a wealth of information on LCD-TFT products.

You can also try a search in yahoo for words like "5th generation TFT manufacturer". There should be a ton of listings that pop up. Alternatively, you can look in one of the Taiwan trade directory websites like but I haven't had much luck finding anything from those in the past.

Good luck.


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