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'[OT]: detecting emergency vehicles part 2 NO FLAM'
2004\06\16@173917 by James Newton, Host

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We don't discuss this sort of thing here.


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2004\06\17@084804 by hilip Stortz

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well, every one else has been discussing politics.  the politics of
surveillance, the politics of seatbelt laws.  the politics of this and
that.  an approved and "taboo" subject list would really be appreciated.
note that i did suggest people whine about my views off list.  that was
an attempt to reduce flame traffic on list.  and, can you specify which
part isn't allowed?  is it the term "security theater" or the other
paragraph.  i don't mean any, any disrespect at all.  i'd like to stay
on the list and get along, and i don't mean to harass the list owners,
but specifics really would help.  i guess i'll just avoid all the off
topic stuff, since i obviously don't grasp the rules and see other
people being more obnoxious and disrespectful than i think i am and they
aren't being spanked on list.  seriously, i'll avoid all the off topic
stuff, but i would like to stay on the rest of the list, i understand
the rules there.

"James Newton, Host" wrote:
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